Octo Love!

hand knit by Our Yellow House.

Polly Ester Laptop Cover

So. . . Laura came in to the studio with one of these groovy polyester beauties the other day. We've both been on the hunt for a laptop cover, so I had instant envy - even before I knew it was one of Brokesy's designs. A LONG time admirer of Brokesy's attack pillows. I am loving this use of dead stock vintage necktie fabric. Super cool.

Zeptonn's fishmates boots

Rain boots covered with Zeptonn's fabulous illustrations designed for Greenpeace = lots of fun!

Roar! dino wall decal

Oh how I'd love to have this dino wall decal pop up somewhere unexpected in my home. He's got such charisma! Designed by Perth based textile design studio Little Design Horse. If you're looking for textile designs with personality, look no further. Reliable, proffessional and fun! In the last year, they've opened a brick 'n mortar shop called Future Shelter where you can pick up some of their hand produced products. Being across the globe, it makes it hard to pop in for a quick visit, but you can check out their blog to peek at what they've been up to - Looks like they are having lots of fun! Hopefully they will get their on-line shop launched soon...

Chela's DIY felt circle window screen

Trying to decide which window(s) would be best suited for this DIY window screen project by Chela Edmunds. Just the thought of it hanging in the house really makes me happy!

metallic silver alligator love

Metallic silver alligator purse! A girly clutch even I could carry. Isn't it fabulous? I admire the simplicity, humor and craft of TsuruBride's design.

trick or treat

Thinking about Halloween costumes today - so many choices! This is something I designed for Joe Boxer years ago. It still makes me smile.

work in progress. . .

work in progress by Ruth in the Creative Growth Studio
(I'm having separation anxiety handing this one over to the gallery...)

embroidered geometric love

A little something for your inner geek. Isn't it cool? This one might be my favorite - probably because of its color combo and use of triangles. Always a sucker for organic geometrics, but the embroidery takes it one step further. Be sure to check out more of Spinthread's designs on etsy and flickr = true love.

connecting with Mina Perhonen

Lately, I've been connecting the dots on random things that have influenced me over the years. And I'll be the first to admit it: I am a visual junkie - which inevitably means sometime loosing track of where things come from. This print being one of them. It's funny, I always thought it was a painting which should be made into a pattern - I had no idea it was ACTUALLY a pattern until the other night while obsessing over the designs of Mina Perhonen! (I can be such a dork.) I am drawn to how calm the design is with so much going on. Its rhythm is very soothing but still charged with energy. Digital and primal all at once.

smallest record player

How cool is this? Designed by Charlie Pyott.
{via: diosaurs and robots - my latest blog crush!}

herring love

Wouldn't this make a wonderful salt cellar? Be sure to check out the companion linens - it's hard to choose. Designed by Marianne Nilsson in the 1950s for Almedahls.

Road Trip!

taking a road trip - be back in 2 weeks!
(image source: getty images }

pattern love

Every time I wear this shirt it makes me happy. Black 'n white, hand drawn, scribbly, organic-geometric, ethnic mixed with an unexpected mod-pop graphic and a touch of quirky color!
{pattern source: Roxy }


So silly, yet oh, so elegant! Someday, I hope to have a few of these. You can order yours here.

Drops by Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen

Drops by Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen. More info here. And check it out - prototypes are being sold!

Dispatchwork in Italy

Imagine walking along and coming upon this unexpected patch of color! Be sure to check out more photos of this Dispatchwork project in Italy.

Renegade Craft Fair - SAN FRANCISCO

THIS weekend is the second annual Renegade Craft Fair in SAN FRANCISCO @ the Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion: JULY 18 + 19, 11am – 7pm! Be sure not to miss it! Over the last six years, RCF has gained the reputation of being the biggest, best and the most well-known of all the DIY craft fairs. With over 200 indie-artists selling cool, handmade stuff - including plush items, jewelry, posters, prints, clothing, stationery plus workshops and more. Don't miss it!

Houdini the Hottie

Houdini the Hottie might be my favorite, but the whole bunch is really wonderful, making it difficult to choose just one. Each hot water bottle cover is removable for easy washing and uses recycled fabrics. Oozing with with personality and full of mischief. Crafted by From to From, you can pick up yours now before it gets cold. Gotta love a utilitarian object that makes you laugh and feel cozy inside.

work in progress. . .

work in progress by Paulino in the Creative Growth Studio

Village Green

Vaughn Bell, Village Green, Installation at MassMoCA (2008) Photo by Kevin Kennefick

I've been OBSESSED with this image since Swam Gallery sent out their announcement for the upcoming show Natural Selection in August. The show pairs Josh Keyes and Vaughn Bell together in an exhibition that will explore the ways we interact with nature - paintings and a site-specific installation. I am hoping Vaughn Bell's instillation will be something along the lines of the Village Green installation since I can't seem to stop thinking about these hanging biospheres and really want to experience them.

Natural Selection will be opening Friday, August 7th from 6-8pm.
Swarm Gallery - 560 Second Street - Oakland, CA

Nice Legs!

Artist Unknown. Seen last night during Oakland's Art Murmur gallery night.
(the 1st Friday of every month)

David Byrne visits

View from the studio @ Creative Growth into the gallery: The director is talking with special guest artist David Byrne before the Summer of Love opening. David Byrne's photos are on display in the gallery along side Creative Growth Artists' (shown on the right). Cindy Sherman has some work on display too, but due to a schedule conflict she was unfortunately unable to attend the fund raising event last night. The event had a GREAT turn out and was LOTS of fun! Show runs through August 14th...

Special thanks to Tara for politely "stalking" our guest artist David Bryne all day in the studio for this photo. (I love this shot.) And extra special thanks to both David Byrne and Cindy Sherman for their involvement and support of Creative Growth.

wallpaper doodles by Gallant Tales

lovely wallpaper doodles by Gallant Tales...

Chinese Zodiac Crayons

Diem Chau is working on a new series of Chinese Zodiac carvings. Check them out! Fascinated with how she uses ordinary, everyday objects in such an elegant & quirky way. Her narratives are so beautifully crafted - Each leaves me with a sense of awe and always a smile. Someday I hope to own one of her beautiful pieces.

(click on photo to enlarge)

dorky pattern

Laura came to the studio today with this pattern on. I couldn't stop thinking about how wonderfully dorky it was and want to make our own version. Very drawn to the muted aqua + indigo + white combo and the dorky personality of this geometric.
{pattern source: H&M}

Summer of Love @ Creative Growth

Summer of Love: artwork by Creative Growth artists with special guest artists Cindy Sherman and David Byrne! "Summer of Love is an exhibition that celebrates the force that fueled a change where visionary ideas coupled with love launched a revolution". Reserve your tickets for the fundraiser party after now --- Thursday, June 25th, 5 - 10pm

WHEN: Exhibition/artist reception Thursday, June 25 from 5 - 8pm.
Gallery event is free and open to the public, but you'll miss out on one hell of a party afterward unless you buy a ticket for the fundraiser.

WHERE: Creative Growth Art Center -355 24th Street - Oakland, CA

THEN: from 7 - 10pm the After-Party Fundraiser
WHERE: Pizzaiolo - 5008 Telegraph Avenue - Oakland, CA
MUSIC: Lord Loves a Working Man
For Fundraiser Tickets, contact Kim:
510.836.2340 x17 or kim@creativegrowth.org

Summer of Love is on view from June 25th through August 14th, 2009
Regular Gallery hours M-F 11am - 5:30pm

Creative Growth is the world’s oldest and largest art studio & gallery serving adults with disabilities. Works by Creative Growth artists can be found in collections and museums around the world. Come by for a visit.

ice cream in india

Pearl Paper Dolls by Egg Press

These make me laugh! A long time admirer of the letter press designs from Egg Press. They continue to constantly surprise me with some thing elegant, quirky and fresh. Can't belive it's been 10 years already and want to wish them happy anniversary!

Patricia Urquiola's amazing chairs

I've been a long time admirer of Patricia Urquiola's work, but I never knew her name until now. (That's the problem with being a visual junkie sometimes.) My first introduction were these wonderful woven chairs. Obsessed, but WAY out of my budget I hung pictures on my studio wall. Years passed, I never knew who had designed the chairs I obsess about. I am enchanted with them as much today as I was that first moment.
The other day, I had the same instant reaction when I saw this post over on seesaw. From there I searched the web more and made the connection. The whimsy and sophistication of her woven furniture is so inspiring. So sexy. So elegant. So playful. So comforting.

pencil shoes

. . . by Lauren Milroy

meet Berty

Meet Berty. "He loves mustard on all his food and dislikes cream of mushroom soup." (I think he and I will get along famously - don't you?) Berty is one of the newest members of Donna Wilson's odd-bod bunch of knitted creatures and I think he'll be coming over to my house very soon!

geometric vintage print

Loving this geometric vintage print available from Ramona West.

Close to Home @ Creative Growth

Join Creative Growth for the 1st anniversary of the newly renovated space and the MUCH anticipated, annual HOME show. Celebrating the humble abode: house, apartment, camper, office, Yurt... They have artwork to fit every style! Look for one-of-a-kind ceramics for the garden and dinner table, hooked rugs, hand painted furniture and "backyard" installations with plants donated by the Berkeley Horticultural Nursery and Dry Garden Nursery.

Don't miss the handcrafted paper dresses from a workshop with visiting artist Ann Dunbar and the all day BBQ with hot dogs, beer and treats from Bakesale Betty!

Creative Growth
355 24
th Street, Oakland CA
Opening: Thursday, May 7
11am - 2pm Member's preview
5pm - 8pm Opening
w/ music by the Creole Belles!

Also open Saturday, May 9
th 11am - 4pm
Regular Gallery hours M-F 11am - 5:30pm
Show runs May 7
th through June 19th, 2009

Creative Growth is an art studio and gallery that serves artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. An environment for artistic instruction, gallery promotion and personal expression. Works by Creative Growth artists can be found in collections and museums around the world.

Mail Me Art 2 : call for submissions

Mail Me Art 2 is looking for submissions! Check it out - the website explains it all. So exciting to see a fun project like this continue on!
{via bluebottles - thanks for the heads up!}

Donna Wilson's odd objects

Donna Wilson's unique and quirky knitted creatures have been a love since first site. Her knitted whimsy captured my heart with odd proportions, funny color combinations & lots of personality. I love how the machine knitted intarsia patterns transform her doodly drawings into 3D forms. So playful and cozy!

Again, I find myself absolutely mesmerized by the new projects she has been working on. It is impossible to choose a favorite, I seriously want everything! Be sure to check out the glassware, melamine trays, cushions, pillows, blankets, scarves, tea towels, the new creatures... Oh, so hard to choose, so hard to choose... (Which would you choose?)

To add to to the excitement, she has a new book out, so you can knit your own odd-bod bunch of creatures too!

Studio Violet

We have enjoyed watching Studio Violet introduce themselves to the world: So warm and inviting - like visiting with an old friend and catching up over a cup of tea. Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker are Studio Violet and together they have created a nostalgic and whimsical combination of illustrations and patterns that feels instantly familiar juxtaposed with something unexpected. Such a graceful combintion. Check out their latest: reused porcelain dishes!

Fiat 600 Multipla love

Okay, so I have no clue what they are saying but I seriously have fallen for this automobile. Absolutely fascinated with its backward ways and awkward proportions. So silly and yet, oh so elegant. Sigh, I seriously want one of these.

blue monster with friends

Look what I picked up @ Super7 today! (hee hee)

annotation book shelf

Best book shelf, ever! In deed. Oh, how I think a few of these would be perfect for my wall. For now though, I will have to just daydream about the idea. Still a concept piece by Lau Design - I hope he gets around to producing these soon.

{via: design for mankind}

kinetic drawing bug

" ...using a small motor you can create a kinetic bug that draws or create more than one to have a race with your friends." Bloesem Kids and Bookhou share another great DIY craft project for you to do with the kids. This one's gonna be lots of fun!

cotton monsters love

With their vibrant colors, bulging eyes and large teeth, Cotton Monsters are both imposing and lovable. Jennifer Strunge is the spirit behind these cuddly gap-toothed monsters. Big or small, each monster is handmade from recycled materials and evolves intuitively without patterns - so no two are ever exactly alike. The Cotton Monster shop is usually sold out, but she posts often so, be sure to check back from time to time - you just might get lucky and be able to snag one for your very own!

Nathan Cordero's sexy words

Seems I keep missing my opportunity to see the work of Nathan Cordero in person - just missed his show over @ the Johansson Projects. Sigh; one of these days I will . . . His hand carved letters on white painted wood is such a sexy combination.

{thanks to aesthetic outbursts for connecting a name to these.}

inside the envelope

When you were a kid, did you turn the envelopes inside out to see the tiny patterns hidden inside? We did. So, it was great fun to find this flickr set of security envelop patterns. This on-going project was set up by Joesph King to collect and organize envelope security patterns from around the world - what a great idea. We love finding tiny patterns in unexpected places.

the end of an Edsel...

Just though this was the perfect end for an Edsel...
Took a little break today since the weather so lovely. Decided it was the perfect day to explore Flora Grubb in San Francisco. If you haven't been there, you really should check it out - it is a hidden gem in the city.

mud stencils

Graffiti goes green? Jesse Graves uses mud to create green graffiti and encourages others to join him. Graves explains , “I began stenciling with mud to put environmentally conscious messages in public spaces. I use mud or earth because it is a fundamental life-giving substance, logical for my messages. Mud stencils are an evolving medium, intended for art and social justice, not corporate advertisement.”

me too!

Fascinated with the hand drawn typography images by Will Bryant.

Grrr! and Arg!

Grrr! and Arg! Two of the best words EVER! And they can now be worn with all your girly pride - brought to you by finest imaginary.
You can pick up yours on etsy today!