plant & earth pigments workshop with Judi Pettite

Super excited about the upcoming pigments workshop with Judi Pettite @ the Richmond Art Center. It's an introduction to Judi's work with plant and earth pigments plus working with various binders.

April 17th, 2010
Plant & Earth Pigments with Judi Pettite
Richmond Art Center - Richmond, CA

Native Plant Dye Workshop with Rebecca Burgess @ the Berkleley Botanical Gardens

This past weekend I attended a hands-on workshop and overview of dying fibers with locally harvested plants lead by artist and educator Rebecca Burgess at the Berkeley Botanical Gardens. It was a great honor to meet Rebecca in person after following her work on-line for some time. I admire her approach to using local resources and materials when ever possible. She has a wealth of information inside of her and a generous heart to match - I look forward to working with her again. The workshop was a small introduction, but definitely inspiring. So keep your eye out for the next one. Also at the end of the year, Rebecca's new book is being released: Gathering Color. It focuses on identifying, harvesting and creating dyes with plants in the area.

Be sure to check out the Fiber & Dye Exhibit on display at the gardens and to take the self guided walking tour of native dye plants. So beautifully laid out and such a unique way to learn.

Native Plant Dye Workshop with Rebecca Burgess
March 28th, 2010 @ the UC Botanical Gardens in Berkeley, CA

Underwear of the Month Club

Underwear of the Month Club! What a simple, brilliant idea - so much fun. And sexy too.

Each month members receive one pair of hand sewn, hand printed underwear from Recession Clothing. Bikini briefs for the ladies and guys get boxer briefs. Each month features a different guest artist. Recession Clothing is in the process of moving from West Oakland to Portland - We will miss them here in the local scene, but wish them well in their new home.

vintage diamonds

Enjoying the simplicity of this playful 60's embroidered design.

Recycled Skateboard Buttons

Seven Ply is recycling broken skateboards and turning them into something wearable. Be sure to check out the entire line! I've fallen madly for these simple buttons but might also have to pick up these studs.

Octo Love!

hand knit by Our Yellow House.

Polly Ester Laptop Cover

So. . . Laura came in to the studio with one of these groovy polyester beauties the other day. We've both been on the hunt for a laptop cover, so I had instant envy - even before I knew it was one of Brokesy's designs. A LONG time admirer of Brokesy's attack pillows. I am loving this use of dead stock vintage necktie fabric. Super cool.

Zeptonn's fishmates boots

Rain boots covered with Zeptonn's fabulous illustrations designed for Greenpeace = lots of fun!

Roar! dino wall decal

Oh how I'd love to have this dino wall decal pop up somewhere unexpected in my home. He's got such charisma! Designed by Perth based textile design studio Little Design Horse. If you're looking for textile designs with personality, look no further. Reliable, proffessional and fun! In the last year, they've opened a brick 'n mortar shop called Future Shelter where you can pick up some of their hand produced products. Being across the globe, it makes it hard to pop in for a quick visit, but you can check out their blog to peek at what they've been up to - Looks like they are having lots of fun! Hopefully they will get their on-line shop launched soon...

Chela's DIY felt circle window screen

Trying to decide which window(s) would be best suited for this DIY window screen project by Chela Edmunds. Just the thought of it hanging in the house really makes me happy!