meet green thing

Meet Green Thing from Green Thing on Vimeo.

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Selling snack-sized original art wrapped in cellophane was a project started by Clark Whittington for a solo art show in 1997 and is still going strong with over 400 artists contributing from around the world. Repurposed cigarette vending machines dispense original art for around five-bucks! Art-o-mat machines can be found in museums, galleries, cafes and various shops. The machines themselves are incredible pieces. Check out their website to see more. Planning a trip? Be sure to check if there will be an art-o-mat machine in the area - each one's different and worth searching for.

To find an art-o-mat near you, click here.

Debi van Zyl

The knitted creatures by Debi van Zyl always make me smile. Their hand knit texture and vintage buttons makes them feel cozy and familiar. Funny, simple proportions, stripes and great color combinations mix up the familiar with something a little unexpected and more playful. The perfect combination! Visit her blog or her shop to see more.

monster shots

Some obsessions are short lived, others only fuel greater obsessions. My monster shot glasses from Munktiki are in the later category. Aren't they cool? It's hard to say which one is my favorite, I guess it depends on my mood. You can purchase your own here. Be sure not to miss the stacking mug sets. Imaginative and just plain wacky. Each is full of wise-crack humor and yet is exquisitely crafted - which is not an easy thing to pull off!


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