David Byrne visits

View from the studio @ Creative Growth into the gallery: The director is talking with special guest artist David Byrne before the Summer of Love opening. David Byrne's photos are on display in the gallery along side Creative Growth Artists' (shown on the right). Cindy Sherman has some work on display too, but due to a schedule conflict she was unfortunately unable to attend the fund raising event last night. The event had a GREAT turn out and was LOTS of fun! Show runs through August 14th...

Special thanks to Tara for politely "stalking" our guest artist David Bryne all day in the studio for this photo. (I love this shot.) And extra special thanks to both David Byrne and Cindy Sherman for their involvement and support of Creative Growth.

wallpaper doodles by Gallant Tales

lovely wallpaper doodles by Gallant Tales...

Chinese Zodiac Crayons

Diem Chau is working on a new series of Chinese Zodiac carvings. Check them out! Fascinated with how she uses ordinary, everyday objects in such an elegant & quirky way. Her narratives are so beautifully crafted - Each leaves me with a sense of awe and always a smile. Someday I hope to own one of her beautiful pieces.

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dorky pattern

Laura came to the studio today with this pattern on. I couldn't stop thinking about how wonderfully dorky it was and want to make our own version. Very drawn to the muted aqua + indigo + white combo and the dorky personality of this geometric.
{pattern source: H&M}

Summer of Love @ Creative Growth

Summer of Love: artwork by Creative Growth artists with special guest artists Cindy Sherman and David Byrne! "Summer of Love is an exhibition that celebrates the force that fueled a change where visionary ideas coupled with love launched a revolution". Reserve your tickets for the fundraiser party after now --- Thursday, June 25th, 5 - 10pm

WHEN: Exhibition/artist reception Thursday, June 25 from 5 - 8pm.
Gallery event is free and open to the public, but you'll miss out on one hell of a party afterward unless you buy a ticket for the fundraiser.

WHERE: Creative Growth Art Center -355 24th Street - Oakland, CA

THEN: from 7 - 10pm the After-Party Fundraiser
WHERE: Pizzaiolo - 5008 Telegraph Avenue - Oakland, CA
MUSIC: Lord Loves a Working Man
For Fundraiser Tickets, contact Kim:
510.836.2340 x17 or kim@creativegrowth.org

Summer of Love is on view from June 25th through August 14th, 2009
Regular Gallery hours M-F 11am - 5:30pm

Creative Growth is the world’s oldest and largest art studio & gallery serving adults with disabilities. Works by Creative Growth artists can be found in collections and museums around the world. Come by for a visit.

ice cream in india

Pearl Paper Dolls by Egg Press

These make me laugh! A long time admirer of the letter press designs from Egg Press. They continue to constantly surprise me with some thing elegant, quirky and fresh. Can't belive it's been 10 years already and want to wish them happy anniversary!