bird in a bowl

I love finding small unexpected details. And I love simple utilitarian objects. This little bowl mixes quirky illustration with a tiny geometric pattern. The pattern almost becomes a solid as you are lulled by its rhythm. The design is ever so slightly raised inviting you to run your finger around its surface again and again. This little bowl with a bird in the center is the perfect combination and makes me happy.

not to be worn as a sweater

"Small sweater looking scarf. Winding around the neck it maybe used as a muffler. Not to be worn as a sweater." Can't even begin to express how much I am loving these knit pieces by Tou! Doesn't it make you smile?

The concept behind Tou is "to find a new view point": using the shapes of ordinary existing items with a bit of change. Your imagination and creativity is required for wearing. Quirky elegance, utilitarian and a subtle sense of playfulness: Isn't it beautiful?

Please visit Tou's website to explorre more of their designs. You can purchase one (or two or...) here.


... yellow owl workshop

snowboard pattern

Check out this pattern on a Burton snowboard. Love how the critters and letters are puzzle pieced together to create an all over design. Fun.