Roar! dino wall decal

Oh how I'd love to have this dino wall decal pop up somewhere unexpected in my home. He's got such charisma! Designed by Perth based textile design studio Little Design Horse. If you're looking for textile designs with personality, look no further. Reliable, proffessional and fun! In the last year, they've opened a brick 'n mortar shop called Future Shelter where you can pick up some of their hand produced products. Being across the globe, it makes it hard to pop in for a quick visit, but you can check out their blog to peek at what they've been up to - Looks like they are having lots of fun! Hopefully they will get their on-line shop launched soon...

Chela's DIY felt circle window screen

Trying to decide which window(s) would be best suited for this DIY window screen project by Chela Edmunds. Just the thought of it hanging in the house really makes me happy!

metallic silver alligator love

Metallic silver alligator purse! A girly clutch even I could carry. Isn't it fabulous? I admire the simplicity, humor and craft of TsuruBride's design.

trick or treat

Thinking about Halloween costumes today - so many choices! This is something I designed for Joe Boxer years ago. It still makes me smile.

work in progress. . .

work in progress by Ruth in the Creative Growth Studio
(I'm having separation anxiety handing this one over to the gallery...)

embroidered geometric love

A little something for your inner geek. Isn't it cool? This one might be my favorite - probably because of its color combo and use of triangles. Always a sucker for organic geometrics, but the embroidery takes it one step further. Be sure to check out more of Spinthread's designs on etsy and flickr = true love.