connecting with Mina Perhonen

Lately, I've been connecting the dots on random things that have influenced me over the years. And I'll be the first to admit it: I am a visual junkie - which inevitably means sometime loosing track of where things come from. This print being one of them. It's funny, I always thought it was a painting which should be made into a pattern - I had no idea it was ACTUALLY a pattern until the other night while obsessing over the designs of Mina Perhonen! (I can be such a dork.) I am drawn to how calm the design is with so much going on. Its rhythm is very soothing but still charged with energy. Digital and primal all at once.

smallest record player

How cool is this? Designed by Charlie Pyott.
{via: diosaurs and robots - my latest blog crush!}

herring love

Wouldn't this make a wonderful salt cellar? Be sure to check out the companion linens - it's hard to choose. Designed by Marianne Nilsson in the 1950s for Almedahls.