Nathan Cordero's sexy words

Seems I keep missing my opportunity to see the work of Nathan Cordero in person - just missed his show over @ the Johansson Projects. Sigh; one of these days I will . . . His hand carved letters on white painted wood is such a sexy combination.

{thanks to aesthetic outbursts for connecting a name to these.}

inside the envelope

When you were a kid, did you turn the envelopes inside out to see the tiny patterns hidden inside? We did. So, it was great fun to find this flickr set of security envelop patterns. This on-going project was set up by Joesph King to collect and organize envelope security patterns from around the world - what a great idea. We love finding tiny patterns in unexpected places.

the end of an Edsel...

Just though this was the perfect end for an Edsel...
Took a little break today since the weather so lovely. Decided it was the perfect day to explore Flora Grubb in San Francisco. If you haven't been there, you really should check it out - it is a hidden gem in the city.

mud stencils

Graffiti goes green? Jesse Graves uses mud to create green graffiti and encourages others to join him. Graves explains , “I began stenciling with mud to put environmentally conscious messages in public spaces. I use mud or earth because it is a fundamental life-giving substance, logical for my messages. Mud stencils are an evolving medium, intended for art and social justice, not corporate advertisement.”

me too!

Fascinated with the hand drawn typography images by Will Bryant.

Grrr! and Arg!

Grrr! and Arg! Two of the best words EVER! And they can now be worn with all your girly pride - brought to you by finest imaginary.
You can pick up yours on etsy today!