Village Green

Vaughn Bell, Village Green, Installation at MassMoCA (2008) Photo by Kevin Kennefick

I've been OBSESSED with this image since Swam Gallery sent out their announcement for the upcoming show Natural Selection in August. The show pairs Josh Keyes and Vaughn Bell together in an exhibition that will explore the ways we interact with nature - paintings and a site-specific installation. I am hoping Vaughn Bell's instillation will be something along the lines of the Village Green installation since I can't seem to stop thinking about these hanging biospheres and really want to experience them.

Natural Selection will be opening Friday, August 7th from 6-8pm.
Swarm Gallery - 560 Second Street - Oakland, CA

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Chela said...

I want one!!! this is very neat. thanks for you post on my screen - i am glad it makes you happy;)